Let Me Re-Introduce Myself :)

I’m not posting as a “looks” before/after #transformation because health to me is about so much more! 🥰

I was diagnosed with Bulimia in 2008/2009, but to be honest I suffered long before. I got help because I had to go to the ER.

I stood up, I healed, I relapsed (haven’t since 2016, yay 5 years!) I get anxiety and I share my story because I survived & want others to know they can too! #RecoveryWarrior

Sooo back to these photos

In 2019, I started at Burn (left photo). Little did I know the amazingness I was jumping into!! @burnbootcamp has literally been such a life changer for me, even though fitness was something I was already doing on my own. From the camps to the trainers to the community! There is NO other energy like Burn! I gained strength, friends and even more confidence.

Although 2020 was difficult with the pandemic & so much more, I was so scared to relapse as the world closed and my ways of coping with triggers were eliminated one by one. I stayed positive & leaned on Burn & Therapy. 🏽

When the doors were closed, the HQ at home workouts gave me life & positivity! I had SI joint/back issues in May. I went from 6 days a week to 0-2. It was tough to scale back but listening to your body is important! As I healed I added more & more camps. Thanks to the non stop encouragement & amazing inspiration from Trainers, Burn Sisters & Bros I pushed through to healing! So yes, there has been some weight loss, strength gain, but it was by pure enjoyment of a place that makes me feel welcomed & supported! I’m forever grateful for the Burn community for getting me through 2020 & even more excited that I’m back to 100%! I’ve got strength goals I crush in 2021 to feel my best self inside & out! And by out I mean all the Burn retail that seems to somehow fill my closet! ( just helping those retail #s @burnbootcampmariettaga )

Two claps for Burn, the real MVP of 2020!

If you or someone you know is struggling be sure to contact @neda helpline (800) 931-2237

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