How to Get Those Abs

I can tell you a million times that the kitchen is what makes those abs pop, but most people will google some other method they "think" will work better. There is NO magic pill to burn belly fat, there is no waist trainer that will do it either. You may see TEMPORARY results from those items but not long term.

ABS ARE MADE IN THE KITCHEN. It is all about what you eat to reduce the belly fat.

According to personal trainer Dimitri Peskin from Evolve Training System says the diagram on the left shows how most people are prioritizing cardio, "not lifting weights enough," and focusing on eating healthy without monitoring how much they're eating. Dimitri says, "people have it all backwards" and should focus on prioritizing their nutrition. In order to lose fat, they need to create a sustainable calorie deficit. As for workouts, their main focus should be on lifting weights, and cardio should be secondary.

Cardio is important but not the only factor to losing weight. Your body is a chemical and you must find the correct balance and always adjust throughout the process.

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