Easy Ways to Lose Fat

So it may not be "easy" per say, but here are the basics to get started!

Whatever your goals are, you will need to put in hard work, discipline, sacrifice, and other things that are easier said than done

Create a game plan! Set out your mini goals that will lead up to your main goal and accomplishment. Also have an after plan when you reach that goal! When you create a game plan, all games have "rules." These rules you must follow in order to keep the game on track. If you step off your boundaries and rules you may get stuck!

  • Avoid drinking away your calories in liquid form. Stay away from the juices, pop and sugar drinks and make your new go to's water, sparkling water and tea.

  • Never and I say never, skip a healthy meal twice. It is okay to treat yourself, but keep to proper portion control.

  • Stay Focused!! Again STAY FOCUSED! Stay away from those restrictive diets and loss this much in 5 days schemes. It's not true! Focus on your calorie consumption, choosing whole foods, stay active, and stay consistent.

  • Keep those indulging foods out of the house, no need to fight urges daily.

If you keep it simple and stay consistent, you will see results. Remember they are not over night it will take some time and patience to see results. Take photos and measurements and avoid the scale!

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