Adding Apple Cider Vinegar Into Your Diet

Apple cider vinegar's popularity has gained a lot of popularity over the past few years. Some pros to the not so delicious liquid can be improving digestion, boosting immunity, and an aid in weight loss. These aren't guaranteed by any means BUT it does have B vitamins, vitamin C, biotin, calcium, iron, and magnesium which are good enough health benefits to add to your routine!

Apple cider vinegar is highly acidic, so much so that taking straight shots of it could damage your tooth enamel and esophagus. The taste isn't so great either so here are some ideas of how to add to your everyday!

Add it to Smoothies

The taste of apple cider vinegar can be jarring on its own, but it gets masked easily when added to smoothies, especially if that smoothie has other flavorful ingredients such as bananas, mangoes, or papaya. Just be sure not to mix in too many acidic ingredients such as citrus fruits and berries. Get inspired by making one of these good-for-you smoothie recipes.

Stir It Into a Salad Dressing

If you've been using bottled dressings from the store, switch to a healthier option; bottled dressings can contain tons of added sugars, sweeteners, and sketchy additives. Instead, opt for this homemade apple cider vinaigrette, honey, and mustard. It's a sweet and tangy addition to your salad for just 83 calories per serving.

Mix a Tasty Apple Pie Apple Cider Vinegar Drink

Although some people swear by drinking apple cider vinegar diluted in water, that doesn't exactly make for a pleasant drink experience. Try something tastier with this apple cider vinegar drink that tastes like a slice of apple pie. Made with ACV, apple juice, cinnamon, and vanilla stevia, this smoothie is the perfect treat to enjoy as a snack or to curb those after-dinner dessert cravings.

Treat Yourself to Dessert

If you are looking to feed your sweet tooth with something other than an ACV beverage, try one of these desserts made with ACV. Not only are they made with apple cider vinegar, but they are also healthier, lighter versions of your favorite sweet treats. Many people don't know that apple cider vinegar can stand in for buttermilk. We love the vegan iced lemon pound cake and chocolate doughnuts made with chickpeas.

Sip on a Warm, Sinus-Healing ACV Brew

If you have sinus pain or feel a cold coming on, this spicy apple cider vinegar brew is just for you. With lemon and honey, this drink is sure to heal a sore throat. The cayenne pepper offers a hit of immune-boosting capsaicin as well as some spice to open up your sinuses. Plus, it's served warm, so it's the perfect relaxing drink to enjoy before bed.

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