Arm Day Workout

Warm Up - 2 minute Jump Rope

Cardio - 20 min Treadmill/20 min Stepper

Arm Day Circuit

  • Row

  • (Round 1 = 300 meters/ Round 2 = 200/ Round 3 = 100)

  • Lay Down Dumbbell Chest Flies (knees up)

  • Lay Down Triceps Extensions

  • Lay Down Chest Press (knees up)

  • Row

  • (Round 1 = 300 meters/ Round 2 = 200/ Round 3 = 100)

  • Standing Bent Chest Flies

  • Standing Bicep Curls

  • Standing Bent Over Row

  • Rest 2:00


Each circuit round should be the time of row (Example: 300 meters=48-54 seconds/200 meters=32-40 seconds/100 meters=16-25 seconds)

Final Push

  • 4 Sets

  • 8 Jump Squats x 8 Push ups

Cool Down - 2-5 min Stretch

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