Tips to Stick to Your Workouts

The hardest part of getting fit isn’t completing your workout, but starting it in the first place. Sticking to an exercise routine and actually doing it are not easy. Getting and staying accountable to your workouts is far easier said than done. Without a healthy sense of accountability, your goal of getting to the gym more often will be dead in the parking lot.

Whether you prefer to work out solo, or at home try some of these tips below to help you keep your commitments in check!

Sign Up for a Competition There’s nothing like an “I’ve got to be fit by X date” mindset to get you moving. Here’s to crossing the finish line strong.

Put Money on the Line Money, the great incentivizer. Try handing over cash to a friend, and then earn it back by achieving your fitness goals.Sign up with an online betting system like Hit your goals and you’ll win cash. Miss the mark and you’ll lose it.

Share Your Goals on Social Sharing your workout plan with social media before it happens can help you stick to the plan. It helps keep you accountable for the workout and in response, friends might wish you luck or send motivational mantras.

Make a Video Diary Record yourself talking about your goals or performing awesome lifts, then post it on YouTube or Instagram.

Enjoy Your Own Rewards Program Create a workout log and have a reward attached to hitting a certain goal, be it losing 10 pounds or lifting 50. To celebrate, buy yourself some new fitness threads, a killer bike, or splurge and go on a bucket list trip.

Take Photos Every Week The number on the scale can be deceiving, but a photo of how you look in your underpants or your favorite dress will not lie. Track your results in a special album on your phone so you can see changes. To up the ante, post a “before” picture of yourself, along with your goal.

Do It for a Cause Being self-motivated is hard so how about sweating for donations to your favorite charity? You become accountable to the people who give you money, the people who are cheering you on, and most importantly, the people you are trying to help.

Set Your Electronics to Shut Down Program your digital devices to conspire against your desire to skip a workout in favor of Facebooking.

Vent in a Journal Writing down your reps and sets, No, try your feelings. Shifting your perspective, in terms of choosing to define and place meaning upon your workout is another effective tool in staying accountable. Each day, write down how you are doing mentally, emotionally and energy-wise. Then write down whether or not you’ve worked out that day. Sooner or later, the patterns that emerge might make working out seem like the obvious choice.

Sign a Contract Sit down by yourself, or with a friend, and write down what your workouts will entail, how often you’ll complete them, and possibly your end goal. Whether or not you tie rewards or consequences to the contract, simply making your goals official will help you feel accountable.

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