Waking Up Exhausted? 5 Reasons Why!

Are you always waking up wishing you had just a few more hours? Not everyone is a morning person, but when you wake up with no energy and barely can keep your eyes open making breakfast or taking a shower, then something is not right! Check out some of the things that may be preventing you from waking up energized.

It's Cave-Like in Your Room, Even After the Sun Rises

Blocking out streetlights to make your room pitch black can help you fall asleep and stay asleep, but if daylight isn't able to creep in by morning, your body's circadian rhythm won't know that it's time to wake up. Use blinds or curtains that block out nighttime lights but still allow daylight to shine through.

You Stay Up Way Too Late

Whether you're putting in overtime at work or getting sucked into catching up on your favorite television show, staying up late means you're not getting enough hours of shut-eye. Most people need around seven, give or take, so if you're not getting that, then you'll wake up exhausted and cranky. Sleep deprivation can lead to eating more and can also weaken your immune system! Set a bedtime and stick to it (even on the weekends), and if you have to stay up late, try to sleep in a little in the morning.

You Went to Bed Stressed or Worried

It's hard not to be nervous about an early meeting or stressed about finances, family or life in general, but thinking about stressful situations will keep you from getting a solid night of sleep. If something's bothering you, then figure out a way to settle your mind, whether it's jotting down thoughts in a journal, talking to your significant other or a friend, or doing these relaxing yoga poses in bed.

You Hit the Snooze Button 8 Times

If you're one of those people who purposely sets your alarm early so you can hit the snooze button and feel like you're getting more time in dreamland, then you're actually getting less. That extra snooze time is constantly being interrupted by the startling sound of your alarm, and the sleep you're getting in between beeps isn't quality sleep. Do yourself a favor and set your alarm later to sleep longer.

Too Much Booze or Caffeine Before Bed

A glass of wine has many health benefits, such as reduced risk of heart attack and stroke, as well as increased bone strength. But if you drink that glass of wine too close to bedtime or your one glass is really two or three then it'll prevent you from having a restful night of sleep. But if it's a cup of coffee you drank, then stimulating caffeine can make it almost impossible to fall asleep. Whether you're tossing and turning from alcohol or getting less sleep because of caffeine, you're sure to wake up weary. Limit the wine and coffee before bed to ensure you get your proper sleep.

Article: The 5 Biggest Reasons You Wake Up Exhausted

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