Stretches for After Workout

July 11, 2017

Stretching after exercise increases range of motion. Do each move 4 times for 20 to 30 seconds.



Forward bend


Good for: Hamstrings


Sit on floor with legs extended. Maintain straight back while reaching toward toes (even if you can’t touch them); hold.










Runner's lunge


Good for: Hamstrings and calves


Stand 10 inches away from a wall; place palms on it. Step back with right foot. Bend left knee, keeping right heel down; hold. Repeat on opposite side.













Shoulder stretch


Good for: Back and shoulders


Raise right arm and bend elbow over head at a 90-degree angle. Use left hand to grab right elbow and pull it gently to the left; hold. Repeat on opposite side.














Heel drop


Good for: Ankle and foot joints


Stand on bottom step of a flight of stairs with balls of feet on edge of step. Gently allow heels to drop; hold.














Upward Dog


Good for: Back and arms


Lie flat on your belly. Pushing into your hands, straighten your arms. Lift your thighs off the ground, and keep your toes pointed.




















Happy stretching and remember, Think Health! :) 








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