Before & After Photo Scams

I know we all want results quick and easy. We see all these products online but the truth is nothing will get you that body besides eating healthy and the good old gym. No product will give you the body you want. You can see a MILLION before an after photos online but believe me Photoshop as well as the good ol' pose vs real life photos makes a huge difference. Every time I hear someone talk about well I saw photos so I know it will work I want to scream, SAVE YOUR MONEY. Put in some work at the gym, feed your body with some healthy foods, stay away from the fatty foods daily, cut out those sugary snacks daily and you will see a difference in your body mentally and physically. Living a healthy lifestyle is NOT an overnight sensation, it is a long life journey. Have a great start of the week and remember, Think Health! :)

Check out these fitness ladies showing the TRUTH about posing and before and after internet lies.

Ladies also don't be frustrated around that time of the month. Check out below to show how our bodies change in just a few short days during "Aunt Flow."

These look like before and after weight-loss photos but were taken only nine days apart. Why the drastic difference? This is premenstrual bloating, folks, and these honest photos show you that some months can be worse than others when it comes to water retention and gas.

Bloat that happens around that time of the month is often unavoidable, because it's the increased levels of the hormones progesterone and estrogen that trigger your bloat, as well as other digestive issues including gas, constipation, or diarrhea. But you can help decrease that puffy feeling by cutting down on your salt intake, drinking more water, and cutting down on dairy, sugar (that sounds tortuous with your crazy sugar cravings, we know!), and alcohol. Also, increasing your fiber intake by eating lots of fruits and veggies and whole grains can keep your digestive system happy and cut down on bloat.

Article: Before and After Pics Aren't What You Think

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