How Much Should I Workout?

Those of you starting out in the gym and fitness goals always wonder, "How much?"

In order to lose weight and become a healthier you it is important to get on routine. I know when I had to skip the gym, or my body said not today Ashley. That next day back at it can be brutal.

The best way to start with your lifestyle change is to make it apart of your day. Make fitness and eating healthy part of your regular routine. The best way to do that is six days a week for about 30-60 minutes with one rest day.

When you make fitness a lifestyle it become a habit. Ever forget to brush your teeth? AND if you do it's like the only thing on your mind until you can get to your toothbrush. This is how you should feel about that fitness class, gym time or even at home workout. When your workout becomes just another part of your day, you're more likely to do it without a second thought.

A person who makes the habit of fitness into their life for six days a week is going to be more consistent than someone who only trains a few days a week. If you have to skip a few days it will also be easier to jump back into the swing of things when you have that consistent six days.

Remember a habitual workout will produce real weight-loss results that you are looking for. I really suggest joining a program or class at first when starting your journey OR an accountability partner to help you through those tough first steps.

So get out there and get fit!!! Have an awesome rest of the week and remember, Think Health! :)

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