Why Am I Not Getting Results?

You have been running or walking on the treadmill or busting a move on the elliptical, but what's next? The results seemed to start happening the first few weeks but now you are at a standstill

Now is the time to ask yourself, "When was the last time you switched up your workout?" If your only idea of working out is cardio type machines you won't get very far.

Guess what!? You have hit the dreaded workout plateau.

You are at a point of spinning a wheel that is parked. You are not getting enough out of your time and workout. If you are doing the same workout, run, hike, bike, swim your body is staying consistent but you are not challenging itself.

Okay, so we have clarified to not give up, you just need to revise your activity! Stop and think, "What are my fitness goals?" If your goals are to slim down, "tone up," or improve your cardio fitness or all of the above the best way to actually accomplish this is not through traditional cardio. You can absolutely enjoy some cardio workout, but do not just do that only. You need to add in weight lifting and strength training. A high intensity interval training will help to blast fat and build the muscle. Interval training will help to strength train faster thank any traditional cardio.

When you add weights during a circuit workout this adds an intense and efficient way to get your heart pumping, calories burning and muscles active. Your body will also continue to burn calories even after your workout, so make sure you have a recovery snack after your workout to feed your body!

Shorter high intensity workouts beats 2 hours running on a treadmill any day! Good luck loves and think health! :)

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