How Do I Get Their Body?

As women we see so many celebrities and socialites we look up to and dream of their body. Okay, okay, fellas I know you have these thoughts sometimes too, but just aren't as open as us ladies are about it.

I know in my mind there are certain bodies I would strive to have. We see them on television, walk runways, on social media and in magazines. The real answer is you can't have a body like anyone but your own. Well, unless you have a big bank account and a good doctor anything is possible.

So, instead of going to your trainer and asking, can you get a body like Beyonce or Jennifer Lopez, let's focus on your body and how you can work on it to make the best you! It is very normal to want to compare yourself with others, but stop focusing on others and focus on YOU!

There are so many ways to mold and shape your body without using a doctor. In order to be the best you you can be with the body you have been given it takes time and dedication to the gym and kitchen. When you compare yourself and body to others you will always set yourself up for failure and to feel disappointed.

Love you and who you are. Your fitness goals should focus on comparing yourself to your former self. Write down what your goals are for your body and work with those goals to mold yourself to be a better you. If you are looking to be a different size and shape that is possible, but in order to change your body you have to have really want to work hard for it.

If you want to be a certain size then you must adjust your workout regime and eating habits. Speak to a nutritionist or certified trainer and talk about your goals so they can assist in coming up with a plan that will work for you. Don't make your fitness goals about sculpting your body to be an exact replica of someone else. It's so important to want to be healthy for you and your future not for anyone else.

Remember you will never wake up in the mirror and see Beyonce looking back at you so be YOU and love it!

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