Which Diet Should I Follow?

The common question when it comes to "diet" is always, what diet are you on or what diet should I follow to lose this weight? The honest answer is you shouldn't be on a diet at all. Usually those fad and diet crazes are not very reliable in the long run. They can be good for the short term, but usually never a long term healthy option.
Diets are considered temporary. Many popular diet plans are very restrictive in eating and that isn't realistic for the average person.
What usually happens is you may try this fad diet and you are doing great the first week and THEN
those cravings appear. Most can not curve that craving and the diet is then POOF gone. Money has been wasted and you are back to your old ways. Don't be wishy washy on diets, that is not healthy and can confuse your body in turn make you gain weight.
A healthy dietary intake is to find a balanced and non-restrictive eating plan that is easy to sustain with your lifestyle. Every person has a different body type and digestive system. Talk to your doctor, listen to your body and seek advice from a trainer or nutritionist. I know, I know all sounds like a lot, but with the proper tools it makes for consistency. It's better to spend your money speaking with a nutritionist who will give you proper dietary intake for you body specifically rather than spend money on someone else's success story on an infomercial.
Once you are able to balance your eating and know your body requirements, then you may consider trying a temporary restrictive eating program to achieve specific goals. Do not try these fad diets if you do not have the proper balance beforehand. I'm a walking testimony that they never work, you gain double the weight when you "give up" and don't see quick results or it can turn into something dangerous.
They say, practice makes perfect. No one is perfect of course, but when you practice a balanced diet regularly your cravings and thoughts can be curved easier and you won't get far off track.
Just because everyone else is doing it doesn't mean it is right for you. Remember, the internet is one heck of sales person and not everything you see is reality.
Good luck and think health! Have a great day loves!
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