Will Weights Make Me "Bulky"

A common question or thought by many woman is about weights in the gym.

"Should I lift weights? I don't want to look like a man."

I don't want to "bulk up," I'll just use the treadmill.

Won't weights make me look masculine?

If I had a dollar or even penny for how many times I have heard woman ask those questions or make those comments I would be a billionaire.

Ladies, first let me explain to you that body type determines how a person will respond to weights. In reality, it is not about the "weights" it is how your body interact with them!

The levels of testosterone will determine how a person reacts to weights and about 99% of women will respond in a "feminine" way. By a feminine way, I mean your body will "tone up" and harden up, but not grow "bulky."

If a woman has a specific regime such as a body building physique, there are ways to achieve this, but it takes a lot of dedication, proper diet, workout, nutrients and supplements.

I do want to give clarification that there is no such thing as being "tone" or "lean." Muscles are either there or they are not. The way to build muscles is with exercise, resistance and diet with higher protein. No body is made up solely in the gym, the kitchen is your main chick!

I will go ahead and use the term "tone" because it is the easiest way to understand rather than get all technical on you! I would rather speak the truth to help you to understand facts, but find non-technical solutions. (LOL did that make any sense?)

To achieve that tone look you need to add weights or resistance of some sort to your workout. It is not about how heavy the weight is, but what is more important to focus on is how many repetitions or "reps" you do. The weight you lift will depend on where you are at in reps. Example, if you can easily do 3 sets of 15 reps with 5 lb weights then you need to move up on weight. If you have a bit of a struggle each set close to that 15th rep at 10 lbs, then you want to try 12-15 lbs. Using 3 lb weights and doing 3 sets of 30 reps will do nothing. Nothing easy shows results is the best way to put it!

I hope that helped ladies and remember to Think Health!

Enjoy your day, and get that booty to the gym!

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