How To Motivate Yourself

I'm back!!!

Sorry, have been so busy in the gym that I haven't been able to wrangle myself down to post. I can share that in the past week I am down 10lbs and excited to be even closer to my goals!

*Jumps up and down with excitement*

Anyways, lets get back to it!

A few weeks ago I had a question asked, "What was the bell that rang to put you into commitment?"

Many things in my life put me on this commitment. I've been going strong with a few hicupps, but hey that's life! More than anything I'm doing it for myself so although I have an AMAZING, can I shout AMAZING support system I learned to push myself. I want to be the healthiest me I can be.

Physical appearance and eating habbits are my biggest stuggle due to my body dysmorphic disorder and B.E.D (Bindge Eating Disorder) I struggle with this daily to fight urges and keep positive. I'm happy that I am at a point in life where I am able to control it! Before and after photos have been giving me so much confidence that life has been less of a stress. *Yay me!*

EVERYDAY, I am on the thought of "chocolate cake or blueberries" for breakfast!

As I just rambled on, let me get back to the AH HA moment! It was when I started to do instead of make excuses. That moment when you say to yourself, "Okay Ashley, you are tired, but just do SOMETHING even if it is only 30 minutes of cardio." Well, once I get focused and to the gym I end up pushing myself harder. Just like those little ring the bell mice eating the cheese experiments, it was the same for me. Pattern changed previous habit of talking myself out of any excuse.

I have a trainer once a week to give me that extra push, they push me hard on Wednesdays so in order to make it through those workouts I have to prep! A trainer is a great motivation to keep going because they hold you accountable and push you to try things you never thought you could do! Thanks Mike and Cecilia :) Ya'll are the BEST!!

I'm thankful for my support system. It's not easy to understand what I have to deal with mentally and inside when it comes to eating and my views but the motivation, encouragement and push keeps me going!

I have weekly weigh ins which are usually on Sundays. During my weigh ins I take measurements and insert them into my spreadsheet of goals. I know, I know I'm way too organized, but that I just me. If you look in my closet it's color coded! I'm able to track it in a spreadsheet my weekly goals, current status, weekly goals, monthly goals, totals and final goal.

Personally I want to look and feel my best! Plus I plan to have children and I want to be in good health for that as well.

Also my favorite thing to do is set a weekly goal and to reward myself not with food, but with gifts or spa days or something that makes me happy!

For example goal: Workout min 5 days and eat only regularly scheduled meal prep meals or push through that workout quicker than the week before or meet my weight loss or inches! If i do that then I get a prize!

Hope this helped! Enjoy your day loves and remember, Think Health!

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