Working Out & Stress

Recently I have been receiving messages regarding, How do you do it?, I'm too stressed, I'm too tired, I'm too busy. Well, I'm going to address each of these issues in future blogs.

Today let's focus on, "Is it a good idea to workout when feeling mentally stressed?"

SCREAMING FROM THE TOP OF MY LUNGS and of course while jumping up and down. I know, I can be so dramatic sometimes!

YES, YES, YES!! Definitely, yes!

Exercise releases endorphins, which will calm you down.

Channeling stress into something productive like exercise is healthier than unleashing it on your spouse, kids, dog, co-workers, random stranger, customer service worker, self or any other poor soul who crosses your rage path.

Personally, my experience is I find working out puts me in a happy zone. At first I might be dragging because of whatever 'excuse' I may be giving myself. Then I end up going harder, pushing myself harder and forget about what even was stressing me out. It is kind of like sour patch kids, sour and then sweet!

Whether it is work, friends, family, life, love or whatever might be stressing you out just get in that gym and put in work. Like my trainer always says, "Feelings don't matter!"

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