Common Gym Mistakes...

Again, I'm not a certified trainer BUT I have worked with and read enough to know what is right and wrong in the gym. I'm also the first person to ask a question, send a text, make a call or google someone who will know if I'm just not sure.

Usually the biggest mistake people make at the gym is not understanding how to use the equipment. We see it daily on social media videos of "making fun" of someone who "thinks" they are doing the right thing.

Side note: I do NOT condone these videos, I have plenty of times politely walked up to others in the gym, asked a trainer to help someone and gave some personal suggestions instead of laughing. Getting into the gym is hard enough, don't laugh at someone who is trying to better themselves. POINT BLANK PERIOD! ...Ends rant....

When you perform exercises improperly you may end up injuring yourself. If you injure yourself then it makes it THAT much harder to get back into the swing of things at the gym. Remember form is so much more important than how many or how much weight!

DO NOT BE AFRAID to ask a professional how to use equipment. Not only ask how to use the equipment, but go over your goals and ask a professional what they feel is best for you and your goals. Body type, previous injuries, medical issues and what your goals are are so important to understand before you even step foot in the door!

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