Squats At The Park

What is the proper form of a squat? I see outside and at the gym so many people just unsure of the proper form. If you do any exercise with an improper form you are only hindering not helping your workout.

This is such an amazing overall leg, thigh and glute workout. I add this into my cardio circuits at the end. If you do these in the beginning of your workout it will be harder to finish as the legs are a large muscle and take a lot of energy.

What You Do Wrong:

You start the movement by bending your knees.

As you squat, imagine you’re sitting down into a chair, rather than forward on top of your knees. Push your hips back first instead of beginning by bending your knees, which puts more stress on your joints.

Women tend to lean forward on their toes, but they should sit back into their heels. Try this fix: Pretend that you’re standing on a paper towel and imagine trying to rip the towel apart by pressing your feet onto the floor and outward. This activates your glutes, which helps you use heavier weights and break through plateaus.

Perfect Your Form – Rachel Cosgrove

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