Supplements & Working Out…

Though in the past I have gone down the wrong path when it comes to “crash” diet and “diet pills.”

I firmly DO NOT believe in them after all the pain they put you through.

Thanks to some great friends and massive reading I was able to find some great supplements to take that are not “diet pills” but help in the process.

Whenever you are buying products do research, ask questions, call your local gym, ask a trainer, stay away from “caffeine” or “not FDA approved.”

These infomercials may look like u lose tons of weight quickly BUT there are always many negative side affects. A big problem is also once you stop using the product or stop using the gym and don’t change your eating habits you will go back to the weight and plus some.

I currently am taking CLA and natural green tea supplements to assist in my workout and nutrition. What is CLA? Click the link below to find out a little more about this fatty acid product. I take a natural green tea supplements that has been approved by the FDA and have no caffeine or additives.

Thanks for the suggestions and explanations of products from some of my personal trainer friends!

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