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December 18, 2018

Nowadays, people have become more health conscious, thanks to the media for spreading knowledge about health and fitness. Many people have become profusely interested in looking for and joining fitness programs.

Whether you have joined a gym or at home, following a fitn...

December 4, 2018

Avoiding exercise should be no excuse anymore!

When it comes to exercising, many people think that they have to get a gym membership. This is the main reason why most people do not exercise. However, here are some tips that would help individuals to exercise in the comf...

October 12, 2018

Stronger legs and core muscles will increase your strength on upper-body lifts and thus help upper-body muscle development.

WOD - Leg Day

4 Rounds

  • Knee Drops (15-20 each leg)

  • Kettle bell Squats (20) 

  • Banded In Out Legs (50 total or 25 each leg)


September 5, 2018

Rushed for time, but still need to stay active? I've tried all of these awesome workouts on the go! Whether it is 15 minutes or 1 hour, take time to take care of your body.   Make an effort to be active daily even when pressed for time.

Scroll through these 5...

August 14, 2018

Circuit 1

Do two sets of the following.

  • Squat Jumps: 10 reps

  • Goblet Squats: 10 reps

Circuit 2

Do two sets of the following:

  • Single-Leg DB Shoulder Press: 10 reps

  • Push-Ups: 10 reps

Circuit 3

Do two sets of the following.

  • Al...

July 11, 2018

Do you have a difficult time doing crunches? Does your lower back hurt or your neck?  Do you have the proper form? All great questions!

World-renowned professor of spine biomechanics, Stuart McGill, PhD, found that crunches and sit-ups place 3,300 newtons (340 kilograms...

April 25, 2018

Equipment needed: pair of medium-weight dumbbells and a bench or stair

Round 1: repeat three times
30 seconds jump squats (or squats)
30 seconds alternating forward lunges with bicep curls
30 seconds goblet squats

15 seconds rest

Round 2: repeat three times
30 seconds gat...

March 13, 2018

Try this core workout routine. 

(3) Sets of 30 to 45 seconds! Good luck and feel the burn! 

High Knee Crossover with Band

Bicycle with Band Toe Touches with Band

Sit on a elevated step, bosu ball, stair, chair etc

Hands behind head, lift legs straight and keep core tight!


February 20, 2018

This total-body workout uses super-fast bodyweight moves to torch calories and tone muscles in whatever time you have.

The key is going all-out.

Perform the first exercise at your max intensity for 50 seconds, rest for 10 seconds, and then move to the next exercise (aga...

November 23, 2017

Get ready to eat good during the holidays, but don't forget to get a sweat in too!!  The holidays are a time for family, friends, loved ones and being thankful.  During this time there are many goodies and amazing feasts. Let's not forget to stay active and burn calori...

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