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I am an AFAA Certified Group Fitness Trainer, Licensed in Strong Nation (Formally Strong by Zumba), Certified Sunset Yoga Instructor and NASM Certified Personal Trainer based out of Atlanta, Georgia. I have a bachelor's degree in Sports Management and minor in Business.


My passion is health and fitness and I work with clients online and in person. I believe, "With the right tools and guidance you can do anything you put your mind to because creating a new lifestyle change can be challenging."  I've struggled with an eating disorder and am a Recovery Warrior. I have learned to change my life, thinking about fitness and nutrition and I want to motivate inspire others.


My main goal is to teach others how to live a healthy lifestyle that fits their life with realistic expectations. I am a member of the She Wins Society Network and advise on the Group Success Coaching as a Fitness & Accountability Coach. I'm a member of the Atlanta Chapter of Pretty Girls Sweat. 


  • I teach group fitness classes in Atlanta, GA (Zoom during Covid.)

  • I'm a Burn Boot Camp Ambassador with Burn Marietta. 

  • I'm pro-intuitive eating and anti-Diet Culture.

  • Self Love Advocate.


My blog offers recipes, workouts and fitness tips.

Anything is possible, just Think Health! 

"I struggled with weight and depression and was diagnosed with Bulimia in 2009, but suffered long before. I stood up, healed, relapsed but I AM a Recovery Warrior. I found  passion in wellness and I am dedicated to helping and inspiring women and men to love themselves and their bodies. Health is not a size, it is how you treat your mind, body and soul collectively. A healthy lifestyle is not a number or look it is one that includes a positive relationship with activity, nutrition, self love and having realistic expectations."